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Application Guidelines

Post by CalvinC on 22/11/2014, 17:35

Los Santos Police Department Recruitment

(( You must be atleast level 4 on the server, it's fine if you're level 1 and your other account is level 4. ))
(( Be mature and proffesional. ))
(( You must have a microphone that works properly without too much background noise, and isn't too low. ))
(( You have to be able to talk english well and clean. ))

You must be atleast 21 years old.
You must have a drivers license.
You must have a clean clean criminal record. (Only counts for major crimes, not driving offences.)

Application Format
[b][size=14](( OUT OF CHARACTER ))[/size][/b]

Server level:

What country do you live in?:

Can you speak clean english?:

Do you have a proper working mic?:

Do you have other accounts on the server, if yes, what are their names and levels?:

Roleplay experiences:

[b][size=14](( IN CHARACTER ))[/size][/b]

Full Name:



Phone Number:

What is your full criminal record?(Crime - Warning/Ticket/Arrest):

Do you have a drivers license?:

Has your drivers license ever been suspended?:

Do you have a current occupation? If yes, what is your occupation?:

How well do you know your way around in Los Santos?

How well do you know your way around in Red County?

Give additional information of yourself, and tell why you want to join the Police force:

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