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Gang Information

Post by CalvinC on 29/11/2014, 19:24

All Official gangs will be set as a sticky topic in this section, Non-Official gangs will be here aswell, but without being stickied.

What is the difference of an Official Non-Official gangs?
Official gangs will be supplied with gang vehicles, HQ, safe (deposit money, materials, weed and crack) and Graffiti.

How to make your gang Official?
Have atleast 3 active members, active leader and be good at RP'ing.

If you want to create your own gang, simply make a topic here, and it will be unofficial. (Do not make an application to create a gang.)
All gang recruitment has to happen IC'ly where they can either RP with you or come to you and ask to join the gang, you cannot recruit them OOC'ly on the forum.

Having a gang does not mean you can Deathmatch police or other people.
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