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Post by CalvinC on 8/11/2014, 13:01

Hacks or third party programs are not allowed

Use Common Sense
This rule covers OOC Racism, OOC Insults, OOC Harassment, CAPS, Trolling, Spamming, Flooding, Abusing /report, /ad, or abusing other commands. None of these are allowed.

Bunny jumping and Chicken running.
Chicken running is not allowed in the form of running around someone in an Non-RP way. If you're getting shot at in real life, you wouldn't just run around them, neither is bunny jumping allowed in shootouts.

Always make sure that all mods you are using does not give any advantages.
ALL mods should be approved by an admin before use Cleo mods, texture mods, or other mods, unless you're sure that it doesn't give any advantages. Otherwise you could run the risk of using illegal mods without knowing it.

Revenge-Killing (RK).
This consists of getting killed by someone, and then killing them back because of that.
You loose 30 ingame minutes of memory when getting killed, therefore you could not remember who killed you, unless ethically you had a friend survive, see it, and then tell you it after that.

Meta-Gaming (MG).
This consists of mixing Out Of Character information with In Character information.
Example: Knowing people's names because you can see it over their head, without actually asking for it IC'ly.

Power-Gaming (PG).
Powergaming means to do something that your character would not realistically be able to do.
An example is picking up a bus and throwing it at somebody with /me or stabbing somebody with a knife with /me, while you dont actually have a knife, or doesn't have one equipped
Or forcing an roleplay action on someone, like throwing them off a bike without letting them roleplay and giving them a chance.

Logging or Tabbing to avoid.
Logging to avoid basically means that you're in a RP with somebody, and then logging off to avoid getting killed, harmed, robbed, arrested, ticketed or anything else that you might want to avoid, if you crash, you are allowed to return to the server within 5 minutes and continue RP.
Same goes with pressing ALT+TAB and going to the desktop or pressing ESC to pause the game, or other ways of pausing the game.
None of these are allowed.

Carparking is parking your car ontop of someone, making him die, also repeatedly ramming someone with your car is not allowed either.
Helikilling is also not allowed, which means to kill someone with the helicopter blades.

Car Surfing.
Standing ontop of an moving vehicle should result in you falling off IC'ly, because you cant stand ontop of a moving car in real life, neither is it allowed to do so ingame.
It is allowed to stand on some vehicles in some places, to be sure of these places, contact server staff.

Ninja-Jacking means stealing an occupied vehicle without involving RP actions taken in /me.
Unoccupied vehicles with no one in them can be taken without needing /me or /do actions.

It is not allowed to advertise other communities within our community, nor is it allowed to advertise our community within other communities.

Do not scam players for over $50,000.
Scam limit is $50,000. Properties cannot be scammed (Vehicle, Business and Houses) or scamming people if they are under level 4 is not allowed either.

Do not take out Weapons without RP involved.
You have to RP taking out weapons with /me.

Speak English.
If your character is etc. chinese and speaks chinese to a friend, use [Chinese] (English Text), anyone who isn't chinese therefore RP'ly will not be able to understand it. But do not talk other languages in the chat.
It is only allowed to talk other languages in /pm.

Deathmatching (DM).
DM'ing means to kill somebody without a valid RP reason to do so.
In Real Life you wouldn't just drive along and suddenly drive up to the sidewalk and punch the shit out of somebody, or shoot them for no reason, therefore it is not allowed ingame.
If they robbed you, your friend, attack you, your friend, or any other good RP reasons, you can attack/threaten/kill them.

Illegal names.
Using Famous names, names that doesn't contain the format "FirstName_LastName" (Middle names are allowed; FirstName_MiddleName_Lastname) or unrealistic names like Bucket_Head is not allowed.

Transferring all Stats to another Account.
Transferring all your money etc, or all your property to another account is only allowed if given permission by admins.
Etc. to make new accounts to get more money on your main one is not allowed.
Although having multiple accounts from one Computer and playing with them is allowed.

Kill On Sight (KOS).
Attacking another player without or with little RP involved is not allowed.
If you're getting robbed and you have a gun pointing at your head, you wouldn't take out a shotgun and kill the other guy, normally you would die, but doing this ingame would result in the other not even getting a chance to fight back before you have a gun out shooting him.

Selling IC Items for OOC money, or the other way around is not allowed.

Accepting anything Hacked.
Accepting Hacked Money etc, can mean to receive hacked money and not reporting it to admins, but instead keeping it, this is not allowed.

Non-RP Behaviour.
Doing something that doesn't match the current situation.
Example, not getting even a bit scared from a robbery, you should always RP fear, or trying to run while at gunpoint.

Annoying People.
This ethically counts for repeatedly PM'ing people when they tell you to stop.

Use correct Grammar.
It's okay to make spelling mistakes, or if you cant talk 100% properly because you're from another country, or if you have an in-game accent ofcourse, but talking way too bad is not allowed.
You can only use abbreviations or smileys in SMS or OOC chat.

RP Car crashes.
Always RP car crashes, unless they're minor and would not hurt you that much in real life.

Repairing in Chase or healing in Fights.
Repairing your car while in any kind of chase, or healing while in any kind of fights or dangerous RP is not allowed, if you need to do this, get to a safe place and RP it.
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